Family health & safety

There are lots of ways you can keep your family healthy and safe!

Start by learning about health insurance for your family that helps you pay for medical care. 

Health insurance is really important, especially when you have a baby and start a family. The Affordable Care Act (also called ACA) says that insurance plans have to cover certain health services for children, including well-baby checkups, vaccinations, sick-baby checkups, hospital care and emergency services.

It’s also important to find out about dangers in and around your home, like secondhand smoke, pesticides and other chemicals. Learn how you can avoid or limit your family’s contact with these harms.

Baby’s love to explore! So babyproof your home to keep him safe from dangers, like falling down stairs, burning himself or getting into drawers or cabinets with sharp objects or poison. And learn how to travel safe with your baby when you need to be away from home.