Caring for your baby

Before your baby leaves the hospital, he has newborn screening tests. Newborn screening checks for serious but rare health conditions at birth. It includes blood, hearing and heart screening.

Once your baby’s home, how do you know what she wants or needs? Why is she crying? Can she sleep with you? How often does she need a bath? And what about all those diapers?

Learn all the basics about taking care of your baby: soothing her when she cries, diapering her, giving her a bath. You can put your baby to sleep safely and protect her from dangers, like sudden infant death syndrome (also called SIDS). Find out why tummy time is important and learn about teething so you can keep an eye out for that first tooth!

As your baby grows, she gets medical checkups, vaccinations and her provider checks that she’s meeting developmental milestones. These are skills or activities that most children can do at a certain age, like sitting, walking and talking.